Polished Concrete Cleaning System

Commercial spaces can be challenging when it comes to selecting the right flooring system. The high-traffic nature of commercial spaces calls for a floor that is durable, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Our polished concrete cleaning systems go above and beyond, to fulfil each of these requirements and more.

Oxitex2's  solutions offer paramount durability and longevity, are exceptionally resistant to stain and wearing, offer allergen-free comfort and only require the minimal maintenance of a simple cleaning instructions.

Traditionally, concrete floors have been overlaid with a myriad of floor coverings. Carpets, vinyl floors, coatings, sealers, wood and tiles are all laden with faults in longevity and a higher level of continual maintenance than their polished concrete counterpart. Try Oxitex2's Cleaning Products today, and Keep your polished concrete floor looking great forever.

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