VCT/TILE Floor Cleaning & Polishing System
VCT/TILE Floor Cleaning & Polishing System



Our team discovered the “Best floor cleaner” during a 3 year testing project in a large hospital.

  • We set out to figure how scuffs and heel marks are formed on floors.
  • Why floors lost an acceptable appearance and “ugly out”?
  • Can waxed or topical finished floor be maintained without stripping?

It was during this project that we discovered that the additives of fragrance, color and surfactants that the buildup of these chemicals over time caused scuffs and heel marks to form and then lead to an lower appearance so the floors needed to be stripped and recoated. When these where remove scuff and heel marks didn’t form.

Meet Neo 2

Neo 2 is the world's most advanced fully autonomous robot floor cleaner.

Meet Neo 2, the world’s only fully autonomous, multi-application cleaning robot for commercial spaces. Neo automates the floor cleaning process and surface disinfection, enabling you to re-allocate your team to higher-value activities, increase productivity, and deliver a consistent, measurable clean every time.


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